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"Our company has worked with TK1 Solutions for many years. We have always had excellent service and ongoing support from Tele and his team; always professional, courteous and friendly. Any problems/technical issues we may have are dealt with immediately and efficiently with quick resolutions. They are very knowledgeable and offer high level solutions based services."

- Vicki K., Pines Minor of Edison

"Always a pleasure to work with these technology professionals."

- Marina C., Corodemus & Corodemus Law FIrm

“TK 1 Solutions, LLC operates as an extension of our Company. Their staff understands not only our technology, but also our corporate goals and our budget. These qualities make them an ideal partner for us in all things IT.”

- Manny A., C-3 Technologies

"As a small business owner of It's Ur Wrap in Edison, getting the dreaded blue screen of death... well you know. Tele and his team were so professional and proficient at working on my system. Unfortunately they were unable to save the laptop but were extremely honest on what my options were instead of stringing me along on needless expenses which in the long run would have worked but could have cost me more than a new laptop. I so appreciate the honesty and as you can see I am back up and running."

- Joanne S., It's Ur Wrap

"TK1 Solutions team to effectively set our cloud solutions and IT course overall, which has made them a welcome and necessary addition to our organization."

- R. Kat, RNC Solutions

"The competitive rates that Tele and the TK1 Solutions team offer, their service quality and overall expertise is the reason why we chose them to be our business partner and refer our customers to them for cloud storage and email solutions. Highly recommended."

- Manny X., BiggerFish Marketing

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We’re fully certified by many of the leading organizations in the industry, so you can rest assured that we possess the skills necessary to ensure our solutions run as designed.

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